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Why are insoles "expensive"? There's a reason

Release time:2020-06-06 Source:Dongguan Qiyuan Sports Technology Co., Ltd.

Product features
1. Top layer high density foam foam insole. Ultra light and fit. Arch support can disperse and reduce foot pressure. Deep heel pads keep the bones of the foot vertical for stability. Built in silicone heel support for cushioning and pain relief.
2. Fit your foot for maximum comfort; keep your height growing without affecting the comfort of your foot.
3. Foot protection / comfort at the bottom
4. Perforated top for breathability / durability
5. Heel cushioning for better impact / tailorable for any shoe

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Address: No.10, Houyong Road, Junpu Industrial Zone, Houjie Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China


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RealName:miss liang       Mobile:13549357032


Address:No. 10, Houyong Road, Junpu Industrial Zone Houjie town Dongguan Guangdong
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