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Comfortable design for sportsmen, enjoy comfortable sports lightly!

Release time:2020-07-18 Source:Dongguan Qiyuan Sports Technology Co., Ltd.

Product features
Our athletic comfort insole is made of high quality memory foam to ensure maximum comfort and arch support.
Our memory foam insole is designed with wavy heel pads and arch support to accommodate the growing foot.
Our sporty comfort is great for sport and sport wear, using micro beam technology to provide maximum traction when in use.
Our insoles have custom guided cut lines to help create a perfect fit for all sizes.
@Our vision is to produce customized foot health products with unparalleled comfort and high performance for every customer.

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Company: Dongguan Qiyuan Sports Technology Co., Ltd
Contact person: Miss Liang
Mobile phone: 135 4935 7032
Tel: 086-0769-85999875
Email: yfd@dg-yuanfengda.com
Main products: all kinds of high-end insoles, functional insoles, single pack insoles, PU, EVA, TPE, gel, Pu insoles, brand insoles, bed feet eootbed
website: http://www.foaminsole.com
Address: No.10 Houyong Road, Junpu Industrial Zone, Houjie Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China


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RealName:miss liang       Mobile:13549357032



Address:No. 10, Houyong Road, Junpu Industrial Zone Houjie town Dongguan Guangdong
Address: District 6, Nongzheng Road, Nanshan County, Jian'an County, Haiphong City, Vietnam
Phone: 0084-313-790968



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